Whenever I advocate for Swift, the most common aha moment listeners of my marketing speeches have is that it can be used for platforms not created by Apple 🤯. In my opinion, that's due to most books/tutorials being titled something along the lines of "Introduction to iOS development with Swift". With Universal Swift, I want to make a small contribution towards a more platform-agnostic future for the Swift community.

What you can expect

Many amazing resources cover different aspects of the language, but a lot of them use platform-specific examples like UIViewController. That's exactly what I want to avoid with posts published on this blog. They can almost be seen as an extension of the official Swift book 📖, which is usually the first resource I recommend to everyone interested in learning about the language. This does not mean that you'll see any "foo-bar" code snippets, but more generally applicable examples.


Since this project is all about the Swift community, I'd love for you to contribute your ideas/requests for specific topics to be covered in upcoming posts by creating issues on GitHub ❤️

Fun fact

Universal Swift itself is built using Swift and generated with Publish. You can check out the source code on GitHub.